After dancing with us as a customer and partner for the last two years, GE popped the acquisition question and of course, we said YES!

A handful of EMC executives started Nurego in 2013 after spending many hours searching in vain for a tool that could help them monetize their cloud-based software businesses in a smarter, leaner and customer-focused way. Existing monetization and BizOps solutions for digital business models consisted of various point products and required an army of developers to build and maintain. This created isolated digital and legacy opportunity-to-cash processes, resulting in a disjointed experience for customers and partners, increased operational costs, and missed revenue opportunities.

GE has been using Nurego’s monetization and business operations tool both internally and as a Predix microservice for nearly two years. GE’s Predix helps industrial companies develop, deploy and operate Industrial Internet applications from the edge to the cloud. Nurego makes it easy for companies to monetize their Predix-based Industrial Internet applications alongside their legacy products and businesses.

We cannot thank you enough for letting us serve your monetization and business operations needs. Special thanks go to The Hive, EMC, and Paul Maritz for your continuous support. The Nurego team will continue to operate out of the product office, located in Tel Aviv, Israel and is thrilled to join the GE Digital team! Together, we look forward to creating new Industrial IoT business models with our customers and partners.


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