“Over time, the business model will become the feature.”

Bruce Sinclair, President of IoT-Inc

Nurego Unleashes Industrial IOT APP Monetization

Introducing a lean and mean digital BizOps solution for cloud-based service providers

Check it out, at MarketWatch

May 3 2016

Nurego: One-Stop BizOps Solution for Digital Transformation

“With Nurego, customers and finance teams gain immense control over how rapidly they innovate their business models and govern the associated costs.”

Check it out, at IT Infra World.

April 1 2016

GE Predix software platform offers 20% potential increase in performance across customer base

“Nurego is publishing its cloud business operations solutions as-a-service within the Predix catalog. Developers can use the capabilities to monetize their own services through Predix, leveraging extensive metrics and provisioning, usage, and entitlement services”

Check it out, at BusinessWire

Sept. 28 2015

Stop by to learn how easy it is to monetize your IoT services #iotwe15 #industrialinternet #iotbizops

Posted by Nurego Inc on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Nov. 17 2015

GE Digital Launches Collaborative App Development Program to Expand Digital Industrial Ecosystem

“ISVs are critical partners to help GE Digital expand Predix adoption.”

Check it out, at GE Digital.

Nov. 14 2016

Top 10 Internet of Things Solutions Providers

Nurego was selected as one of the top 10 solutions providers in the IoT space in this issue of IT Infra World!

Check it out, at Top 10 IT Infra World IoT Providers 2016

April 1 2016

Nurego, a GE Predix Partner

Nov. 6 2015

Fireside Chat, CICONNECT

Nov. 16 2015

We are proud to be shortlisted for the Innovation of Things Award at #iotwe15! Join us today

Posted by Nurego Inc on Monday, October 5, 2015

Stealth startup Nurego gets star-studded support, $2M in funding

“A local team of industry veterans just netted $2 million in funding to help cloud companies make sense of their massive data sets, an SEC filing picked up by GeekWire reveals.”

Check it out, at SiliconAngle

Dec. 6 2013

VMware, EMC, Microsoft veteran startup Nurego scores $2M

“Nurego Inc., a Seattle-based startup focusing on cloud optimisation and led by veterans of Microsoft, VMware, EMC and Amdocs recently secured $2 million in equity financing, according to an SEC filing. The company claims to be working on patent-pending technology that can optimise the cloud stack’s performance for service providers.”

Check it out, at BusinessCloudNews

Dec. 5 2013

VMware vets raise cash for stealthy cloud startup Nurego, grab support from Paul Maritz

“A new Seattle area cloud computing startup called Nurego just scored $2 million in fresh funding with support from some heavy hitters in the tech industry, according to a SEC filing today.”

Check it out, at Geekwire

Dec. 4 2013