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Launch Innovations Swiftly

Launch control for every component of your product and business model to each customer segment or distribution channel.

A/B test product and business model components to see which ones to scale, pivot or retire.

Use a lean a build-test-measure-adapt approach, to rollout, optimize and scale your offerings, without the need for a developer.

Manage the entire product lifecycle, from initial rollout to retirement. Save valuable resources and enable quick response to acquire customers and keep them engaged.

Dynamic entitlement management as customers make changes to their subscriptions.

Speed up customer on-boarding by automating product provisioning.

Real-time usage metering and quota enforcement that scales with your product and business.

Reference application and Javascript widgets to enable customer self-service.

Easy to use REST APIs and Java, Ruby & GoLang libraries to add entitlement management and usage metering to  your product in minutes.

A product owner dashboard that let’s you see how your customers are using your products and features.

Monetize New Offerings

Engage Your Customers

Flexible product catalog that is automatically synchronized with your CRM, billing and ERP systems.

Create targeted free trial and paid offers for every customer segment or sales channel.

Manage legal terms of use for every product, customer segment or sales channel.

Enable your existing channels to sell the new software based products alongside your existing offerings, all in a single quote and without replacing your existing CPQ solution.

Use your existing marketing automation tools to nurture customers – from welcome emails, to trial period ending or customers reaching quota.

Automatically segment customers to see how every segment is performing or to create targeted offers per segment.

Dashboard for customer teams with detailed information on customer engagement and key subscription metrics.

Use any combination of one time charges, subscription, utility & outcome revenue models to increase average revenue per customer.

Automated subscription management – from initial signup to every upgrade, downgrade and cancellation to enable customer self-service.

Monitor customer lifetime value, recurring revenue, average revenue and costs per product, customer or distribution channel.

Build cost models to customer acquisition and retention costs

Dashboard for finance teams to cost and revenue metrics for the digital business.

Efficiently Manage Subscribers

Unify Your Operations

Unify legacy and digital business operations to streamline your opportunity-to-cash processes and systems.

Use your existing marketing automation tools to nurture customers.

Works with your CPQ and CRM systems to enable sales teams to generate a single quote for both legacy and digital business.

Integrates into your legacy Billing, ERP and payment processing systems to let your finance teams leverage existing invoicing, taxation and collections processes for the digital business.